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B's Treats


Lavender CBD Honey

Lemon Drop

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Pina Colada


Green Apple



​​B's Treats Colorado Local Marijuana Infused Honey


​Strawberry Cheesecake-

Strawberry and Cheesecake Candy Covered in Graham Cracker Crumbs  

​Chili Lime Mango-

Mango and Lime Candy Covered in Chili Powder

Caramel Sour Apple-

Sour Green Apple Candy Covered in Honey Caramel


Cranberry and Lime Candy Covered in Sour Powder​

Lemon Drop-

Sour Lemon Candy Covered in Powdered Sugar ​​



Lemon CBD Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks​

25mg Original Honey Stick

Pack of 4 (25mg each) 100mg 

Original Pack- Pack of Local Colorado Marijuana Keif Infused Raw Honey Sticks
Seasonal Pack-(Winter)-

Cinnamon Apple Honey Sticks 

Sweetie Pack- Strawberry Cheesecake, 
Peach (2 Each)

Wellness Pack- Lavender, Lemon (2 each) 

Broncos Pack- Blueberry, Mango (2 each)  

350MG 2OZ Honey Dropper Bottle

-Throat Soother

CBD Honey 

40mg CBD 2mg THC Honey Stick



350mg CBD 15mg THC Honey Jar


B's Treats infuses Colorado Local Raw Honey straight from the beekeeper with THC and CBD. B's Treats Honey Sticks are Gluten Free and a great edible option for Diabetics. Honey and Keif are the only ingredients in our Medicated Honey. Creating a great natural medicine with Marijuana and Honey without adding any unnecessary ingredients gives B's Treats a clean, potent product. Benefits of Raw Honey include; Great Source of Antioxidants, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Can Help Reduce Inflammation, Insomnia and Anxiety.