Honey Sticks​

Pack of 10 (10mg each) 100mg 

Original Pack- Pack of Local Colorado Marijuana Keif Infused Raw Honey Sticks
Seasonal Pack-(Winter)-

Cinnamon Apple Honey Sticks 



Wellness Pack- Lavender, Lemon (5 each) 

Broncos Pack- Blueberry, Mango (5 each)  


​​B's Treats Colorado Local Marijuana Infused Honey

Recreational Edibles Menu



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B's Treats


Single Serve

​Strawberry Cheesecake-

Strawberry and Cheesecake Candy Covered in Graham Cracker Crumbs  

​Chili Lime Mango-

Mango and Lime Candy Covered in Chili Powder

Caramel Sour Apple-

Sour Green Apple Candy Covered in Honey Caramel


Cranberry and Lime Candy Covered in Sour Powder​

Lemon Drop-

Sour Lemon Candy Covered in Powdered Sugar ​​